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CryptoSquawk converts key market information into real-time audio feeds so traders can stay tuned to price action, market moving trade activity and order flow events across multiple crypto exchanges.

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Our crypto audio feeds are streaming around the clock to assist traders globally (and nocturnally).

I had my best year trading ever last year. I credit this to P$. I have sound setups I can’t define, it is really subtle, but I recognize a certain rhythm, I only wish I had this 10yrs ago. Yes, P$ has changed my trading and my LIFE, never enjoyed trading so much!

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Peak Trading Performance

CryptoSquawk allows you to listen for order flow events such as iceberg orders, large traders and spikes in volume, without being glued to your trading monitors. Stay expertly focused on critical market information around the clock with an audible edge over other traders.

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Intuitive Edge

Audibly monitor trades across crypto exchanges through our digital squawk announcements and market sounds. CryptoSquawk audio feeds allow you to hear the price action, listen for market euphoria and fear. You can listen for how much buying or selling is occuring, and how much volume is being traded.

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